So I found the lesson in this weekend. Success is just as much about sacrifice as it is about taking opportunities. I’ve been so caught up in “missing out” that I forget how much of a man of responsibility I am and how much I hold myself accountable to my own duties. Just flipped that script in my head REAL quick.

Success is also not always about taking opportunities, but also about creating success wherever YOU are. Because I and we all have that power. 

27.Jul.14 13 hours ago

here’s a recap of what happened today—



aw yeah got my pumpkin spice cream frap~ time to instagram~*~~*


well damn I got a gooooood view from over here look at those legs hi honey ever been photographed before hehehe


"yes I have a great relationship with the babe of course he doesn’t know I exist yet and I don’t even know his name but he’s very athletic and his work ethics are on top of its game"


OH MY GOD IT’S SPREAD WIDE OPEN……………….. OH DEAR GOD IS THAT… IS THAT THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT I SEE IN THOSE SHORTS? omfg. I hope he doesn’t catch me slippin. *checks to make sure the flash is off for the 4th time*


HE CAUGHT ME SLIPPIN OMGF OKAY okay don’t panic if anything he’s just really conceited if he thinks I’m taking pictures of his beautiful crotch


are you fucking kidding me. 



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27.Jul.14 1 day ago
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Why not fall in love?


I got shit to do

26.Jul.14 2 days ago

God’s or The Universe’s plan is so interesting.

Today I was supposed to shoot a video, tomorrow I was supposed to battle in a jam, and Sunday I was supposed to take class from the FATHER of waacking. What an INCREDIBLE weekend of dance.

But here’s what was planned FOR me. Today, I couldn’t afford to get the balloons filled, nor get them transported once they were filmed, the studio got locked just like the last time I tried to film last year, and my videographer didn’t realize we were supposed to shoot today. 

Tomorrow, I couldn’t get off work, so therefore I can’t battle.

Sunday I find I have meetings from when the workshop starts up to when its too late to hop in the last class, which is THE one I want to take. And the meetings will either be literally next door, or right upstairs.

I was so prepared to cross off and reach so many goals this weekend, but within hours all of that was taken away. I guess I’m just so confused. Like, why? Hopefully throughout the weekend I’ll understand what I was supposed to get out of this weekend that I wasn’t going to. 

Stay tuned.

25.Jul.14 2 days ago